Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spice up your ramen! Stir-fried Beef + Snap Peas

Every college student has ramen. Far too much ramen, even. But in case your boring little packet meal is getting a little stale, here's a great way to make it into something exciting: stir fry!

Toss a quarter pound of thinly sliced flank steak with half of the seasoning packet, then simmer the noodles just until they break apart. Drain the noodles and set them aside. In a large wok or skillet, heat a tablespoon of oil until smoking. Add the beef and cook without moving for about 1 minutes until well-browned. Toss the meat a few times. Add a quarter pound of snap peas and stir fry for about 1 minute. Add another tablespoon of oil, the noodles, the rest of the seasoning packet, a couple tablespoons of oyster sauce, and a bit of sugar. Toss until everything is well coated, then eat it! Top with sliced scallions if your goal is to impress. But it probably isn't. It's ramen.

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